Here! There! Everywhere!

ImageIs it subliminal messaging?  No, not really.  Is it targeted messaging?  It can be if you want it to be.  Is it the next step in a state-of-the-art delivery system to showcase digital content within stadiums and arenas?  Yeah, that sounds more like it.

With corporate partnerships across sports looking to create new and innovative ways to increase inventory while simultaneously providing a more engaging medium, these venues are seeing a significant increase in very customizable digital messaging.  No, this won’t be the final frontier in stadium and arena digital technology.  Like all technology, it’s a work in progress.  What it does do though is create sponsor messages that can be simultaneously showcased in high-traffic areas around an entire arena.

In Honda Center’s case, their partnership with CISCO has allowed them to create a delivery system called StadiumVision.  It is designed to create a more subtle, yet brilliantly vivid, form of message delivery to Ducks fans (and other Honda Center events) through “a fully integrated marketing solution that displays video and digital content throughout the facility in an easy-to customize format.”  While this technology is currently being used in high profile stadiums in MLB, NFL, and NHL/NBA arenas, Honda Center is actually the first arena on the West Coast to utilize the technology and only the 2nd in the NHL.  One of the greatest benefits specific to the Ducks is that it creates opportunities for as many Corporate Partners as they choose to offer this new form of inventory to.  Although, I have a hunch that they wouldn’t want these slots to get out of control because the fewer number of “openings” that they provide, the more value their corporate partners will see in it, which should hopefully translate to more money being spent.

I feel that it’s a tremendous asset to have because of the ease in which commercial slots and static artwork can be switched in and out; a feature that will absolutely allow each specific partner to showcase their message for as long as they choose to do so.  Corporate partners want to focus on maximizing customer engagement and this technology really allows them to create the innovative and dynamic visuals to do just that.  Going hand-in-hand with the ease in which messages can be interchanged, this also allows them to create entirely new slots for digital marketing based on in-arena events and campaigns.  Having more than 550 HD screens located around the arena, the Honda Center should easily be able to reach over 1.5 million guests on an annual basis.  If you’re looking for opportunities that will allow your brand to dominate while generating strong awareness and lasting impressions, look no further than the Honda Center!

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